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Sign and release software for common package managers and software update frameworks.

Kubri takes the hassle out of releasing your software for multiple different platforms. It takes your releases from GitHub, GitLab or cloud storage systems and automatically creates repositories, releases, and artifacts for the platforms you care about.

Supported Platforms

  • APT (Debian, Ubuntu etc.)
  • YUM / DNF / Zypper (RHEL, Fedora, CentOS, OpenSUSE etc.)
  • APK (Alpine Linux)
  • App Installer (Windows)
  • Sparkle / WinSparkle (MacOS, Windows)

How does it work?

Kubri simplifies the release process by allowing you to define your entire release pipeline in a single YAML file. Whether your artifacts are stored on GitHub, GitLab, or other platforms, Kubri automatically handles the download, repository generation, package/metadata signing, and upload to your specified targets, allowing you to effortlessly distribute your software to a wide array of platforms.

Click here to see an example configuration.

Why Kubri?

Easy to Use

Write a simple YAML file to define your release process. Kubri will take care of the rest.

Works Everywhere

Kubri has zero dependencies and works on Linux, Windows, and MacOS.

Free and Open Source

Kubri is free to use and open source. It is licensed under the MIT License.